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Surviving Memories of the past defy survival of the fittest in this engaging take of love and loss

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This Book is dedicated to the homesteaders of Sublette County, Wyoming,  the hardships they endured, their values, and their true understanding of neighbors helping neighbors.

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"Kate McClary, there are miles of sagebrush all over the prairie and you want me to plant some in he yard".

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Comments from readers:


spinning_wheel“…it was past 1:00 p.m. when I finished, loved it, couldn’t put the book down.”


From my 97 year old dear friend: “I have read the book and I loved every word of it. I marvel at your detail and I loved the way you included so many of the very things that made us love ranch life.”


“I love the cover – these will be Christmas presents.”


“We will be looking forward to your next book.”


“What fun reading. I could relate to a lot of what you wrote.”


“Congratulations on a beautiful story. I hope you have more in mind.”


“I felt like I was there.”


From a reader who works in a retirement complex and shared her book with a lady in the home: “This resident has had a rough year…She lost her husband in a car crash and has had some other family emergencies as well. I see her crying too much. She was alive and smiling when she gave back my book. She had enjoyed it as much as I had. And she was still smiling when I saw her just before I left work.”